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year. We need your support
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survivors with products and
services that build self-esteem
and increase quality of life.
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Our Mission

The Eva Foundation helps survivors of abuse regain their self-confidence and independence to build a better life. The foundation provides esteem-building necessities to help recovering survivors secure an abuse-free future for themselves and their loved ones.

Why "it" Matters

Abuse affects families in all income brackets. Most victims are women who find themselves in the untenable position of choosing between a financially secure yet abusive relationship and freedom from abuse at the cost of loss of financial support.

According to the statistics provided by the Anchorage Police Department, victims attempt to leave their abusers seven times on average before making a permanent separation. We want to make it easier for abuse victims to start independent lives by providing esteem building goods and services to help them find jobs, seek normal relationships or just reenter society.

The Eva Foundation board and program committee members are volunteers who have joined together to provide amenities to all survivors of abuse: male and female, young and old, in Anchorage and has served 1.123 clients; adults, children and pets (tracking 2005 - 2012).

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